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    Our fishing lake is only for experienced sport anglers; we only await those who keep the fishes’ health as priority. Fishes are FORBIDDEN to take away!

  2. The duration of the fishing is inbetween 13 hours of the first and 10 hours of the last day.

  3. Fishing is only allowed at the payed spot, whith six rods – one hook per rod, which can only be microbarbed or barbless hooks.

  4. Braided (textil) line is only allowed to be used for the hook rig part; using it as main line or as shock leader is FORBIDDEN.

  5. For the safety of the fishes, usage of weight loosing rig is mandatory – meaning the free sliding inline weights or weights attached with release clips.

  6. The usage of an additional two fishing rods are allowed – besides the six rods per fishing spot – which must be paid before the start of fishing.

  7. The spare rods, which are not used for fishing, must be stored separately, it can not be put on the rod-pods.

  8. The usage of carp craddles, big size landing nets and disinfectant (preferably NASH MEDICARP ULTRA or similar) is mandatory!

  9. The carp craddle must be kept wet at all times and the water changed periodically!

  10. Only pole markers are allowed to be used, which must be taken out from the water at the time of leaving. For the placed markers lighting cartridges can be rented at the reception desk; affixing other objects on them are not allowed.

  11. The usage of the boat is only allowed for placing markers, mapping the lake bottom, placing fish fodder, at the time of arrival, between 9 and 10 hours int he morning and between 18 and 19 in the evening (meant in hungarian time).

  12. The usage of electric boat motor and fish radar are allowed.

  13. The usage of combustion engine and gas generator are forbidden.

  14. Usage of the boat is at own risk, we do not take responsibility for any accidents.

  15. With the exeption of the time allowed for boat usage, feeding is only allowed from the shore. Only feeding pellets and boilies, cooked or fermented grains or method-mix are allowed to be used as fish fodder. In extreme heat (over 30°C) usage of fermented grains are forbidden! There is no quantity restriction. Usage of dogfood or dry grains are strictly FORBIDDEN!

  16. Usage of remote-controlled feeding boat is not allowed.

  17. The fishes must be released back to the water right after safe ou-lifting and photographing. For release the placed retention sling must be used. Storing the fishes, even for short interval is FORBIDDEN.

  18. Photographing the fishes in hand is only allowed in a kneeling or squatting position, over the carp craddle; holding them while standing is FORBIDDEN! Please take photographs in the water in case of an over 30 °C heat wave.

  19. Leaving the fishing rods unsupervised is FORBIDDEN! One angler must always stay near, or all fishing rods must be taken out from the water. Usage of electric bite alarms are mandatory!

  20. The usage of reflectors are allowed for night fishing, but only without disturbing the other anglers.

  21. The fishing places are accessible by car, but cars can only park there, if it is not used during the time of fishing. In other case it must be parked at the outside parking lot at the reception’s building and can only go back inside for packing at the time of leaving.

  22. The usage of electricity is at own risk and as intended!

  23. Building fire is only allowed at the specified areas.

  24. We do not take responsibility for valuables left usupervised in the cottages or tents!

  25. Swimming in the lake is forbidden. Tents can only be set up at the area of the fishing places.

  26. In the area of the lake everybody must keep up the written and unvritten rules of enviromental protection and civilized behavior.

  27. Being overly loud, disturbing other anglers, harsh treatment of fishes or non-compliance with the lake’s policy may result in permanent ban.

  28. At the time of leaving everyone must leave the fishing place, the boat in order and clean.

  29. On the lake’s area the official keepers and the designated personnel patrol and perform checks regularly and upon leaving they can ask for the cars to be submitted for checking, with which everyone must oblige.

  30. In case of bringing pets to the lake’s area, owners must take full responsibility for them; they can not be set free or left unsupervised.

  31. The official keeper can ask for the mandatory equipment meant for the protection of the fishes, or the checking of the fishing rig and the disinfectant; their orders must be kept by all parties.

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Chalet policy:

  1. The usage of bedsheets or sleeping bag is mandatory.

  2. The beds are for one person only.

  3. The cottages are meant to be used by four person.

  4. Pets are not allowed inside the house.

  5. The installed electrical devices are only usable at own risk and as its
    intended purpose!

  6. For heating and cooling only the installed air-conditioner can be used; its
    remote controller can be rented at the reception for an additional fee.

  7. The usage of own heating, cooling devices are FORBIDDEN!

  8. Smoking and usage of open flame is FORBIDDEN!

  9. No cooking appliances are allowed!,

  10. Cooking is only allowed at the open fire grill!

  11. Keeping flammable materials inside or near the cottage is FORBIDDEN!

  12. Mixing bojlies or other fish fodder inside the house is FORBIDDEN!

  13. We do not take responsibility for valuables left usupervised!

  14. Please notify us if damages are discovered upon arrival!

  15. All damages caused are required to be fully paid.


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