Our fishing lake, that opened in 2012, bearing capital size fishes is a part of a 61 hectares water reservoir system, which have been established in 1974 and have a surface size of 24 hectares. The original reservoir was created out of a natural flat basin surrounded by sand hills, part of it a nature reserve. The steady water level is assured all year around, even in drought by the no. IV. main flow water channel, which stretches across almost the whole of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, collecting clear water.

The fishing lake situated in a beautiful natural surrounding have been renewed in 2006, in which year we also relocated the amurs and carps there, that have grown to a capital size over the near 30 years of the 61 hectares reservoir's time. In the same year we have also put 12.000 carps in the lake; those have reached the average weight of 8-10 kilogramms by these days.

The lake's general water level is 1,5-2,5 meters with the deepest part beeing 3,5 meters.

On the 24 hectares lake's near 3 kilometers long circumference there have been only 25 fishing spots laid out, each with its own 15 square meters deck, to assure the minimal distance for undisturbed fishing in each places. From these, 12 have cottages built on; heat insulated and equipped with air-conditioner, making the stay more confortable. The rest 13 have space for camping with tent, trailer or mobile home.
Each fishing place is accessible even in bad weather conditions.

Basic Fishing Places' Equipment and Facilities:

- A 3X5 meters deck (where you can fish with 6 rods for the initial price)
- Boat with rows
- 2 pieces of markers
- Carp Craddle
- Measuring bag / retention sling
- Weighing stand
- Grill place / fire building place
ozetanya- Electrical outlet (usage for additonal cost)

Fishing Places with Cottages' Equipment and Facilities:

- A 12 square meters wooden thatched cottage with terrace
- Housing for 4 person (2 simple 1 bunkbed)
- Refrigerator
- Microwave oven
- Air-conditioner for heating and cooling (usage for additonal cost)
- Lockable outhouse for exlisive usage
- A 3X5 meters deck (where you can fish with 6 rods for the initial price)
- Boat with rows
- 2 pieces of markers
- Carp Craddle
- Measuring bag / retention sling
- Weighing stand
- Grill place / fire building place
- Electrical outlet (included in the price)

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Fishing is only allowed from the laid out spots, but the boat can be used for mapping out the lake bottom, placing markers and fish-food two times a day.
In the main building there are separated showers and toilets for our male and female guests and there are outhouses placed near the fishing places; every fishing spot with cottage having its own.
Upon arrival you are welcomed at our reception, where you can be provided with all he essencial information about our lake, the fishing places and the actual catches. The reception also functions as a bar and a fishing store.
At this time we are not providing any food services, but you can order takeout fast-food from the village nearby.

The lake's approach:

The lake can be found between the villages of Nyírbogdány and Székely, just 18 kilometers from Nyíregyháza; between the 294 and 295 kilometer mark. From Budapest it is a mere two and a half hour drive on M3 motorway towards Záhony – take the Nyíregyháza North (Nyíregyháza Észak) exit towards Záhony at the 234 kilometer mark then it is only a 15 minute drive on the highway to reach the lake's shore.

Parking options:

Every fishing spot can be accessed directly by car with the exception of the three, that are located on the island, but only those can park their cars inside, who don't wish to use it during their stay. In other case the car must be left at the parkinglot next to the reception's building after packing out and can only go inside for packing back in.
Bikes can also be rented at the reception.

About our fishes:

Our fishes are composed of capital sized carps and amurs in quantity, which is shown best in the results of the competitions that have been held at our lake over the years. The four day contests for 21 teams usually have the overall catch that goes beyond 10 tons, with the winning team catching more than 1.000 kilogramms of fishes, while the biggest catch exceeding the 20 kilogramms.

The record for overall catch at competitions on our lake:

2015. June 22-26. 96 hours contest with the total weight of 13.932 kg

The record for total catch for a team on a competition on our lake:

2015. June 22-26. 96 hours contest:
Winner: Ember Carp Team (3 person): 1.462,68 kg


Places can be reserved for three days minimum (three nights spent at our lake) in advance. In other cases you can choose from the free places at the site. We only rent out fishing places for the minimum of one day.

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June 2021


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